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Thanks for visiting my first Journal post.

Earth Runner is the start of something very special for me. A passion project of epic proportions that has taken on a life of its own, and I couldn’t be more thrilled about that.

Before I go any further, let me tell you a little about myself. I’m Felicity, also known as Flick, Fliss, Flickety, Fel, Flea, Fearless (long story!) and Aunty Barbie (even longer story!). Why don’t you call me Flick?

As you might have guessed, running is a big part of my life. But I want to be honest and make it clear that I am no elite runner. I am just like you. A normal person who runs, battles ongoing niggles, feels fatigued and would sometimes prefer to sleep-in. But I absolutely LOVE it and wouldn’t have it any other way!

Running found me a couple of years back when I faced a personal challenge that left me feeling alone and depleted. I was living in the coastal town of Hervey Bay in Queensland (a long way from my native Sydney!) and joined a local fitness group called Beachfit so I could vent my frustrations in the boxing class.

After some “gentle” persuasion from a persistent trainer and much resistance from me, I finally joined the group for a run.

Fast forward four years and I am proud to say that I’ve conquered my long-term fear of running that began as a teenager when I would throw up my breakfast competing in the cross country. Who would have thought the skinny kid who could barely run 800 metres would be running half-marathons two decades later?

Another big love for me is Mother Nature. When I’m not out running along the Yarra or around the Tan (that’s right – I made the move to Melbourne!), I’m usually strolling through the Botanic Gardens listening to the birds and connecting with nature. Being out in the natural world is where I feel the most energised and alive.

Okay, enough about me and more about Earth Runner.

It started as a seed when I began to make more ethical choices. It was only natural that I’d start to look at the running gear I was purchasing regularly – runners, compression tights, sports bras, singlets. It became apparent very quickly that ethical and sustainable options were not that readily available.

Yes, there’s plenty of fabulous stuff out there. Active wear is all the rage and everyone loves a great pair of tights to run (and then have coffee!) in. But there’s not much transparency regarding production processes and the majority of the fabrics used are not gentle on the environment.

An idea was born.

What if I could find a way to provide my fellow earth-loving runners with more ethical options and a chance to make a difference in the world?

Ever since, I’ve been searching high and low for running gear that has been produced ethically, is made from sustainable materials and doesn’t compromise on performance and style.

It’s no easy feat, but I’m starting to uncover some fabulous brands out there that are finding innovative ways to produce beautiful active wear without killing our environment in the process.

Each time I go for a run, I am wearing one of these fabulous new pieces and testing it out for the core Earth Runner principles – sustainability, performance and style. Not only do I benefit from the endorphin rush, I also feel great because I’m contributing to a cause that’s much bigger than me.

To give you a little taste for what’s to come, here is a photo of me running at Torquay Beach on the Great Ocean Rd. Pretty amazing, eh? I also happen to be wearing super comfortable compression tights made from 78% recycled materials that look and feel great.

My big dream is to bring you an online shop filled with the most fabulous, sustainable and stylish running clothes later in 2017.

Until then, stay tuned for more Earth Runner adventures.

Let’s Tread Lightly!

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